Would you like to hear the sound of water splashing

while a soft wind is blowing in your hair?

Come along and take the chance to rent our two inflatable kayaks, Tomahawks (Aqua Marina). 

We will help you to get a good start, also if you are completely new to this sport.

It is great fun!

We rent out to adults and children from 12 years and older.

Your Safety First

Our kayaks are quite stable and that makes it even better when you are a beginner.

Of course your safety comes 'number one' to us.

The sport is fun if you know what to do and what not to do.

We will gladly guide you. 

Instruction is part of the deal, and a life jacket will function as an extra 'guard', so you'll be able to enjoy your kayak adventure from the first paddle stroke.


Soon we will be back with information

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Telephone:  0(046)247 23071

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