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Siljansnäs, of which Almo is a smaller village, is situated in Dalarna, amidst a beautiful, quiet countryside, with flourishing nature all around.

It is here that you will find many possibilities to rest and relax. There is a little sand beach nearby. Siljansnäs has an unspoiled Nature Park, up on Björkberget.

Another possibility is to pick up a sport, like canoeing, kick-biking or orientation. Maybe you feel for a walk - there are several trails to go - or for just a lazy afternoon.

There's a lovely park called 'Sommarland' not too far away. Here parents and children can easily spend a very nice summerday in a swim-water-paradise.

Another park is 'Tomteland' where a lot is going on for children and where they can find out all about elfs and goblins.

On the other hand there is nature and wildlife which you might explore all by yourself or after you've got information from the Wildlife centre 'Orsa Björnpark'- Orsa Bearpark - a bit up to the north. There are a lot more wild animals to see in the park then only bears!


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Autumn in Siljansnäs